Rear compartments

Wejkama Company recommends its product - a rear compartment - the 'BackpacK' type for Sprinter, Crafter or Master

The 'BackpacK' type of rear compartment is another space for loads. One can customise the interior in different ways. The product is dedicated for:

  1. Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen LT - to 2006r. - click for view
  2. Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter from 2006r. - click for view,
  3. Renault Master II and III, Opel Movano - click for view

as well as for other transporter cars such as Daily, Boxer, Jumper, however in these cases some modifications with fixing system will be needed.

how the 'BackpacK' is manufactured and equipped - a description of its standard option:

  1. a solid metal structure,
  2. a cabin is made from fiberglass laminate,
  3. four hinges,
  4. two lights of Mercedes Sprinter,
  5. two outline lights,
  6. an another brake light,
  7. two red reflectors,
  8. backlit of number plate,
  9. a smooth interior in grey colour,
  10. two detachable shelves,
  11. interior lighting,
  12. wiring and plug,
  13. two black lateral handles,
  14. a locking handle with two spare keys,
  15. cargo bay doors opening by two elevating cylinders.

The 'BackpacK' is brand new - white colour laminate !! The 'BackpacK' is not painted.

Each part of the equipment of the 'BacpacK' is brand new and has the certificate of approvals procedure for using.

Other equipment options:

  1. an upholstered interior,
  2. a chosen colour painting,
  3. customisation.

Any own idea of how to trim the interior of "BackpacK"...?? We can do anything you suggest.

You are encouraged to purchase - the "BackpacK' rear compartment

Price 5 100,00 - zł (post-tax)

Price 6 273,00 - zł (pre-tax)

Use quick contact: +48 602-250-929 or +48 792-270-250