The Sleeping Cabins

We specialize in production of Sleeping Cabins for a long time.

Our products encounter approbation of a lot and are made of the highest quality laminates such as fiberglass. The laminate features:

  1. damages high resistant
  2. the weather conditions high resistant
  3. product of natural origin

Our sleeping cabins feature with modern aerodynamics shape besides technological assets. Due to the unique, streamlined shape the sleeping cabin functions as a roof spoiler and helps to reduce fuel consumption about 15%.

The Wejkama Sleeping Cabin is perfectly equipped and customised for driver's requirements.

We offer various models of the sleeping cabins - installation service included in each given price!!!:

The Sleeping Cabin for Carriages and Car Transporters - click to see a range of models


The Sleeping Cabin Magic Due - click to see a range of models

3 471,00 - zł (pre-tax)
4 270,00 - zł (post-tax)

The Sleeping Cabin Magic Home - click to see a range of models

4 000,00 - zł (pre-tax)
4 920,00 - zł (post-tax)

The Sleeping Cabin Magic Home Long (cab version of the renewed) - click to see a range of models

5 000,00 - zł (pre-tax)
6 150,00 - zł (post-tax)

See photos ------- The Sleeping Cabin Wejkama, interior and finish after the installation ----------

Each product is covered by 24 month warranty period.
Free Installation in a place to locate the company - or delivery with installation at the customer - Priced individually.
Delivery time - up to 2 weeks, the assembly time - 6 hours.


Aerodynamic shape reduces wind resistance!!!
Fuel consumption drops by about 15%!!!
Hotel for the driver when and where you want!

In three words Sleeping Cabin are WEJKAMA:


We will be delighted with every new form of cooperation.

Use quick contact: +48 602-250-929 or +48 792-270-250

We invite you to watch a short film imaging WEJKAMA Sleeping Cabin.